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3 images of ceramic containers, made with an extruder
Age Requirement : 18+ and minors 13+ with Guardian Supervision

Instructor: hayne bayless

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Join us for a hands-on exploration of the versatile extruder tool in the ceramics studio. This workshop will delve into the often-overlooked potential of extrusions in creating functional stoneware pieces. Through a combination of demonstrations and guided practice, participants will discover how to integrate extrusions with slabs to develop unique forming techniques. Emphasizing a process-oriented approach, we'll allow the clay's natural properties to guide our creations, resulting in dynamic and vibrant pieces. Whether you're a seasoned potter or new to the craft, this workshop offers valuable insights and techniques to enhance your ceramic practice.

What to Expect:
Participants will engage in practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises, gaining proficiency in using the extruder tool and exploring its diverse applications. Through step-by-step guidance, attendees will learn how to create cups, mugs, and vases using both extruded and slab-formed components. Expect an immersive experience that encourages experimentation and fosters creativity in clay. There will also be an hour break for lunch. You're welcome to bring food or take advantage of the many options in the neighborhood. 

Skills You'll Acquire:
- Proficient use of the extruder tool for clay manipulation
- Techniques for integrating extrusions with slabs in ceramic projects
- Creation of functional stoneware items such as cups, mugs, and vases

What's Provided:
All necessary clay (approx 25pds), tools, and equipment will be provided for use during the workshop. 

Who Should Attend:
This workshop welcomes participants of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced ceramicists. While some prior experience with ceramics may be helpful, it is not required to benefit from this hands-on learning experience.

Prerequisites/Safety Information:
Participants are encouraged to wear appropriate attire for working with clay, including closed-toe shoes and clothing that can get dirty. Basic studio safety guidelines will be provided at the beginning of the workshop.

Sunday June 9th, 2024 from 10:00 AM to  4:00 PM
770 Chapel Street
New Haven, 06510
United States
Workshop Ticket Fee
Standard Public Ticket $199.00
Partnership Members (Creative Arts Workshop, other maker space) $179.00
MakeHaven Members $169.00

Need Based Workshop Price Adjustment

MakeHaven offers a price reduction for individuals who are below a threshold income level.
You can apply at: Workshop Price Reduction Request.

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Our facilities undergo periodic reviews to maximize ADA compliance. We offer accessible bathrooms, elevators, and wide walkways. In tool usage, we aim for universal access and work individually to adapt tools for safe usage as necessary. If you anticipate needing an adaptation to participate in this event or have further questions, please contact us at