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Age Requirement : 18+ and minors 13+ with Guardian Supervision

Instructor: ceresa newsome

Tags: Textiles

Unlock the world of textiles and garment creation with "The Art of Sewing 2.0," now open to the public! Previously an exclusive offering, this sought-after course led by Ceresa Newsome, Founder & Stitch Coach at Endangered Stitches, LLC, is your ticket to sewing mastery. Perfect for both beginners and those looking to elevate their skills, this 5-week workshop takes you beyond the basics, offering lessons on pattern making, garment construction, and, of course, loads of sewing fun!

This series runs over 5 Wednesday evenings, from 6:00p - 8:00p.
Dates for the workshop are:
September 18th
September 25th
October 2nd
October 9th
October 16th



Projects You'll Create:

1. Leggings: Master the art of sewing your own leggings, customizing them to fit your unique style.
2. Basic T-shirt/Blouse: Dive into garment construction as you create a versatile and stylish basic t-shirt or blouse.
3. Trapeze Dress: Elevate your sewing skills with the creation of a trapeze dress, perfect for twirling into the warmer seasons.

Skills You'll Learn:

- Pattern Making: Understand the fundamentals of creating patterns tailored to your body and style preferences.
- Garment Construction: Learn the step-by-step process of assembling garments, from cutting fabric to final stitching.
- Fabric Selection: Gain insights into choosing the right fabrics for different projects, considering texture, weight, and stretch.
- Seam Finishing Techniques: Master various seam finishing methods to achieve polished and professional-looking garments.
- Understanding Sewing Machines: Familiarize yourself with the anatomy and functions of sewing machines, enhancing your machine sewing skills.
- Troubleshooting Skills: Develop problem-solving abilities for common sewing issues, ensuring a smooth sewing experience.
- Precision Cutting: Hone your cutting skills for accurate and neat fabric pieces, a crucial aspect of successful garment creation.
- Sustainable Sewing Practices: Embrace sustainable fashion by learning how to re-use your patterns to make variations of your creations.


Who Should Take this Course:

Whether you're a novice eager to learn the fundamentals or an experienced sewist looking to expand your repertoire, "The Art of Sewing 2.0" is tailored for you. From pattern making to garment construction, this course caters to a range of skill levels, providing ample opportunities for growth and creativity.

What's Provided:

All necessary materials and equipment for the workshop will be provided. Just bring your enthusiasm, creativity, and a willingness to explore the world of sewing! 

Secure Your Spot in Unleashing Your Inner Fashionista!  


Wednesday September 18th, 2024 from  6:00 PM to  8:00 PM
770 Chapel Street
New Haven, 06510
United States
Event Fee(s)
Public Ticket $389.00
Partnership Members $350.00
MakeHaven Members $331.00

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Our facilities undergo periodic reviews to maximize ADA compliance. We offer accessible bathrooms, elevators, and wide walkways. In tool usage, we aim for universal access and work individually to adapt tools for safe usage as necessary. If you anticipate needing an adaptation to participate in this event or have further questions, please contact us at