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Two red robot swith MH logos holding up woodworking tools (a hammer and a saw)
Age Requirement : 18+ Years of Age

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Join Adam for an inspiring gathering with members of the local woodworking community! At this meetup, we'll come together to brainstorm, share projects, and exchange ideas in a welcoming and collaborative environment.

What to Expect:
Creativity and camaraderie as we connect with fellow woodworkers. Whether you're a seasoned woodworker or just starting out, everyone is welcome to join the conversation, share their projects, and gain inspiration from others. Bring along your latest project, photos, ideas, and questions as we engage in lively discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Goals of the Meetup:
The primary goal of this meetup is to foster a sense of community within the woodworking world and to facilitate the sharing of creative ideas. By coming together, we aim to inspire one another, offer support and encouragement, and strengthen the bonds within our local woodworking community.

Whether you're looking for feedback on a project, seeking inspiration for your next woodworking endeavor, or simply eager to connect with like-minded individuals, this meetup is the perfect opportunity to engage with the woodworking community and ignite your passion for craftsmanship.

Come join us as we celebrate the art of woodworking and embark on a journey of creativity, collaboration, and connection.

What to Bring:

Snacks/BYOB to share, photos of your projects or the project if it's portable, or just yourself.

Wednesday June 5th, 2024 from  6:30 PM to  8:00 PM
770 Chapel Street
New Haven, 06510
United States

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Our facilities undergo periodic reviews to maximize ADA compliance. We offer accessible bathrooms, elevators, and wide walkways. In tool usage, we aim for universal access and work individually to adapt tools for safe usage as necessary. If you anticipate needing an adaptation to participate in this event or have further questions, please contact us at