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 The collage displays a group meal in a community kitchen setting, with images of people preparing and enjoying food together, including shots of vegetable fritters being fried and a baked cinnamon dessert. The environment suggests a warm, communal gathering in a makerspace.
Age Requirement : 18+ Years of Age

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Are you visualizing developing an idea for a business or project? Want to brainstorm with other people who are on the same path? Come meet similarly minded creators in the community for brainstorming and networking - and a delicious lunch!

Join us for a unique gathering of minds and spirits at our upcoming Maker's Networking Lunch! This monthly event is perfect for makers and aspiring makers who are in the initial stages of turning their creative visions into reality. This group focuses on those early, formative moments of product and business development, offering a nurturing environment for ideas to bloom and ventures to find their footing. For those with an established physical product, we suggest the ”Maker-to-Market" meetups.

What to Expect:
- Share and Receive Feedback: Present your business idea or creative project to a group of like-minded individuals. Get honest, constructive feedback that could be the catalyst for your next big leap.
- Discover Resources and Coaching: Learn about invaluable resources, coaching opportunities, and practical steps to propel your venture forward. Whether it's a tool, a technique, or a contact, you'll find something to aid your journey.
- Motivation and Support: Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of encouragement and motivation. Our community thrives on cheerleading for each other, providing the push you need to overcome hurdles.
-Networking Opportunities: Connect with other members of the local maker and entrepreneurial community. Forge partnerships, find collaborators, or simply make new friends who share your passion and vision.

Communal Lunch Experience: 
True to the spirit of collaboration and creativity, we ask each attendee to bring an ingredient or dish to share. Together, we'll craft a communal lunch that symbolizes our collective support and creativity. It's a chance to blend our diverse contributions into a shared meal, mirroring the very essence of our community building and collaborative efforts.

What to bring: 
Bring an ingredient or dish to share as we collaborate in a creating a communal lunch experience that mirrors our collective creativity and support network. Let's blend our contributions into a shared meal while exploring the realms of making, dreaming, and community building together. See you at our next meetup ready to share in food and inspiration as we embark on this journey of creativity and collaboration. 

Whether you're looking to network, seek inspiration, or share in the joy of making, our Maker's Networking Lunch is the place to be. Join us for the entire event or drop in when you can – every contribution, presence, and shared meal enriches our collective experience.

Wednesday April 24th, 2024 from 12:00 PM to  2:00 PM
770 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510
United States

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Our facilities undergo periodic reviews to maximize ADA compliance. We offer accessible bathrooms, elevators, and wide walkways. In tool usage, we aim for universal access and work individually to adapt tools for safe usage as necessary. If you anticipate needing an adaptation to participate in this event or have further questions, please contact us at