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An image of someone forging metal on an anvil
Introductory - No experience required
Age Requirement : 18+ Years of Age

Instructor: ken cotrona

Tags: metalworking

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In this red-hot workshop, discover the wonders of induction forging by creating a custom BBQ fork or a magic wand. Under the guiding hands of our expert, you'll unlock the secrets of shaping steel with an induction forge, basic hammer techniques, and a touch of wizardry. No experience is neededā€”just bring your enthusiasm and a desire to transform steel into something magical.

Workshop Highlights:

Hands-On Magic: Dive into the world of steel manipulation, where you'll cut, twist, taper, bend, and even perform a bit of steel wizardry to create your own masterpiece. Choose between crafting a wizard wand or a BBQ fork of your design.

Steel Whisperer Expertise: Our instructor will reveal the mesmerizing science behind induction heating while guiding you through the art of steel manipulation. It's a workshop that's as educational as it is enchanting!

Materials and Inspiration: All the necessary materials and reference images will be provided. Let your creativity flow as you embark on a steel-transforming adventure.

Class Details:

Limited to 4 Participants: An intimate group ensures personalized attention.

No Experience Needed: Whether you're a seasoned blacksmith or a complete novice, this workshop is tailored for everyone keen on a bit of steel sorcery.

What's Provided:

  • All theĀ materials for forging, including steel pieces and tools.
  • Reference images to spark your creative flames.
  • Expert instruction and assistance throughout theprocess.

Must Bring:

  • Closed Toe Shoes: For protection against sparks and metal flakes.
  • Long Pants: Choose jeans or working pants; nothing too tight, though. Let your legs breathe while you work the knives.
  • Shirt: Opt for breathable fabric (no synthetics). Things will heat up as you wield your steelmagic!
Saturday June 29th, 2024 from 12:00 PM to  4:00 PM
770 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510
United States
Workshop Ticket Fee
Standard Public Ticket $121.00
Partnership Members (Creative Arts Workshop, other maker space) $109.00
MakeHaven Members $103.00

Need Based Workshop Price Adjustment

MakeHaven offers a price reduction for individuals who are below a threshold income level.
You can apply at: Workshop Price Reduction Request.

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